actor,   writer,   improviser,   filmmaker,   traveler,   feminist,   activist,   taco enthusiast,   excessive adjective user,   cat mum. 

Relevant Factual Information

Given Name: Amanda Caitlin Clendenin Smallwood

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Current Residence: New York, NY

Astrological Sign: Pisces (obviously). 






(too long;didn't write)

A.C. Smallwood is a human who was born & grew up.

She's done some things and created some things, most of which is inconsequential to the majority of other humans at this time. 

She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY with her cat overlords: Buffy & Willow. 

She spends most of her time waiting for the F train, filling her twitter draft folder with jokes she isn't sure are funny or not, 

and renewing library books she still hasn't finished reading.

You can stalk her on the internet pretty easily.